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Ok so I was tagged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I thought I might as well make a little video about some thoughts I have too. Hopefully you can all respect my thoughts and maybe laugh a little at my stupid video.

Some of these things really have happened to me while going to the bathroom

Aug 4

This video explains that my shirt is very cool.  Also I talk about how 10 dollar shirts are just as good as anything else.

A new video where I do some more tongue twisters!

Jul 7

In my new video, a friend of mine brought me some interesting food back from China.

This new video is about how I suck at meeting new girls.  This is no joke. Most of these really happened.

So I found out how to record on Omegle and I had a creepy baby mask.  So I thought, hey why not, lets do a video.

Jun 8

Yes this really happened to be on a business trip.  I hope everyone enjoys my pain.

Jun 2

Ok so it has been about a year since I updated my youtube channel.  My last video was weird foreign food challenge 1 and it did very well.  So I decided to do a part 2 for coming back.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Jun 6

Ok this is a longer video than normal, but I needed the time to get through these six random foreign foods I picked up.  At least it was always something different, so I am sure you guys will watch it to the end.  Well at least watch it to the end because I eat Marmite.  That stuff is really gross.  I hope you enjoy!